A couple of days ago I decided on a whim that I was going to wash my 5 day old hair with 2 egg yolks followed by a mild ACV rinse instead of my usual no poo routine. The result was squeaky clean hair that was SO SOFT and was bouncy and curly and had so much volume...I'm guessing that this means that my hair likes protein, yes? I was so excited to continue regular protein treatments every once in awhile, but with two problems:

one is that I will soon be going back to school, and living in a dorm, I really can't keep around a carton of eggs (I have no way to cook them, so I would literally be using 2 eggs every 1-2 weeks...)

another thing is that despite the lovely clean bouncy outcome that was by far the worst smelling shower I have ever taken in my life. egg yolks and ACV in a little hot steamy shower cubicle...I just...it was terrible.

so what I'm looking for is a good protein treatment recipe....no "products" please, I'm pretty hardcore about being cruelty free and paraben free, and I'm trying to cut chemically things out anyway (unless you know something that fits that description ) thanks!

I heard oatmeal has a lot of protein? could I wash my hair with ground up oatmeal?