Oh wow SaraNoh, you hair is beautiful!!Look at those clumps, crazycurlychick is right, you make us want to steal your hair!!

So after doing the squishing and scruching while rinse, did you apply a leave-in?Gel? if so did you apply that upside down hair? What kind of application did you do-scrunch again?

sorry so many questions Just so curious.
Originally Posted by CurlyIndianGirl
Yeah, I scrunch in some leave in, a gel, then a mousse to make sure I've covered everything, all upside down, then I plop for about 15 minutes. I'd say I left my hair pretty wet. Usually I would get out enough water so it's not dripping everywhere but I think with the Icequeen method your hair needs to be pretty wet or else the clumps break up.
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