I recently saw a skirt online made from olive green military camouflage (see below), and I decided I wanted to replicate it for myself (minus the frayed edges).

Honestly, I've always like the look of military-like camo but was always ambivalent about appropriating it for civilian fashion.

I went ahead and bought the fabric...can't return it. But I had a coupon so it wasn't terribly expensive. I'm feeling a little conflicted now and thinking I should start over w/ something else (esp since a boardie co-signed that she didn't like the idea either).

There were alternative olive camo type fabrics there (that do not look military, that involve olive colored trees or olive colored animal print, etc). But I just went ahead and bought the military-look fabric bc I just like it! And also bc I wanted to replicate the look in the picture pretty closely.

Do you have ethical dilemmas wearing military-like olive camo or fatigues?