any 2s out there have success with bangs? I figure I'm somewhere between a 2b and 2c. I used to have a hair cut where the front was long and it was very short in the back, and I used to straighten the front every single day. I've since grown everything out and haven't straightened in about a year and a half. However, I feel like that bottom six inches or so in the front is just fried from all those years of straightening and I really just want to get bangs and chop that bottom bit off. I also just feel like I want a face silhouette change as it is all the same length currently, and while I like it for the most part, the area around my face is just kind of bleh. not a lot of curl, not a lot of shape.

I'm worried that bangs might foof out a lot, but my hair is pretty fine and not too frizzy anymore...I'm curious to see if anyone has success with bangs (even long ones) without straightening, and if not, any suggestions on how I can change up those few strands around my face?