Well, if you think about it in certain cases, no, women and men shouldn't be paid equally. Like it or not a male can often do more work than a woman. That doesn't mean they always do more work, just that they can.

If you're paying people to move tons of rock, and a male can move 100 lbs every lift and a female can move 50 lbs every lift.... well, the male is more efficient, thus doing more work.

Granted, the way this (the article) presented it was a bit overboard. But on basic principal alone, no, we are NOT equal, and sometimes that's okay. We play off of each others strengths.
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But you can bet while that woman is pushing 50 lbs of rock, she's also fixing dinner, washing clothes, braiding hair, sewing curtains, ordering the next shipment of rocks, cleaning up behind herself and blogging about it!
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Rofl xD. And I assume she does yoga for at least 2 hours a day and is vegan, right? Oh, and her hubby is a total stud.
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no her husband is a lardy couch potato because she does all the work.