Myrna, is it CG?

BTW, today I used HE TT mousse again, and put a bit more Bioterra gel over it than I did last time, and my hair came out really nice. It was still a bit flat, because I only diffused it dry for like 20 minutes again (I really need to get up earlier), and then let it air dry, but it still looked as good as it does with FSG, and in half the drying time. So that was a plus.
The only negative is that I don't get great 2nd day hair with the mousse, and I do with FSG. It's not horrible, but I get really nice 2nd day hair with FSG and I just don't with mousse. Still, small quibble. The HE TT mousse is really cheap.

I'd be interested in the Pantene mousse if it's CG though. I'd like a mousse that I don't have to use a gel over. I have seen the Pantene in the store, which is good- I still can't find the 3-in-1 mousse.

Overall, the mousse is a good alternative to FSG, and a great substitute for my curl cream that has been out of stock since April (and was alot more expensive, at $18 a tube as opposed to $3 a can!).
That's me with FSG as my styler!!

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