I understand completely. I am learning not to feel guilty if I straighten my hair. I love my curls but some days I feel like a change, maybe some straight-wavy action instead of crazy curls! I'm going out of town this weekend and it's super hot so i plan to blow my hair out so I won't have to monkey with it. I lose curls in dry heat anyway! I figure as long as I take care of my hair, it should be ok. My hair, my rules lol
Getting to know my hair!

2c/3a, Med/high porosity, Fine hair, Still trying to figure out elasticity, Colored

Products I am auditioning:
Co-wash & LI: Suave Nat. Trop Coco
Low Poo: Pure Elements Sulfate-Free Color Protect Shampoo
Stylers: Biotera Curl Creme, Argan Oil, Aussie Sydney Smooth Gel, AIF
PT: GVP Kpak
DT: PE Intensive Repair