Auntie Bubbs, I have several mousses: Aussome, Opposites Attract (didnt like that one at all); Deva; 3 in 1; Tousle me Softly; and Pantene. The only ones I dont use gel with, dont need to, are the Pantene, and Aussome, which seemed to be "too much" of something when it got really humid. When I do use gel, though, it is the Biotera because it has no glycerin, and I like the consistancy I used to use it OVER my mousse, but as per the Deva method, gel goes on first, so I have been trying that lately. However, if Pantene requires no gel consistantly, I guess I will be using that only. I have used it before and like it but sometimes my hair comes out kinda - weird. Nice but weird. I believe it is CG.