I used my Hennasooq Yemeni henna for the first time. I can't say this is a fair review because I had some frozen Jamila mixed up that I had to use so I used half that and half Yemeni. I did notice a difference though b/w this and (BAQ) Jamila alone. I was surprised at how much it darkened my hair. I had used a mix of lemon water (lemon juice + water in a spray bottle) and leave-in condish several times a week for 2 weeks in anticipation of using henna. I did this because I expected henna would make my hair darker. Using henna over time has already darkened it a little, but I got darkness just from 1 application this time. I noticed the stain on my hands was much redder and darker than it was in the past. This is definitely deeper though I didn't get as much red from it as I expected. I also didn't notice it got my grays any better than Jamila which surprised me but I always have a hard time applying henna evenly. All in all, I'm pretty happy so far. I still want to use Jamila as an add-in because it's cheaper but I do want to use the Yemeni alone to see what it does. Maybe I'll try this flaxseed gel I read about here so I can better apply my henna. Will crushed flaxseeds work b/c that's all I can find? Or does anyone know where I can get flaxseed gel for not a ton of money? Thanks.
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Do you normally used frozen henna? Because simply using frozen, pre-mixed henna will result in a much darker stain (in my experience).
My hair is in the 4s, low in porosity, high in density and coarse.

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