I think there's a lot of mystery surrounding whether these are real or not (I think for the most part they were, and she made them a bit thicker sometimes with a couple of clip ins...might be rag curls too) but MARY PICKFORD, my god, this was the picture that made me ditch my straightener:

I am not and never will ever be close to this, but I am OBSESSED with her beautiful ringlets...

also, Uma Thurman fighting the Crazy 88 at the end of Kill Bill Vol 1...although this may be because of the curly girl badass-ness XD

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When I was younger, my best friend's little sister had the curliest hair! Her hair was always in a pony tail or pig tails but they always looked like the curls in the pics of Mary Pickford that you posted. I watched their mom do her hair one day, to my surprise, that look was achieved using her pointy finger and a brush. She would grab a ringlet, wrap it loosely around her finger, and then brush and smooth the curl around her finger. When that was done she would slip her finger out of the bottom and go to the next curl. I don't know if Mary Pickford went through that process, but those curls looks exactly like my best friend's little sister's perfect curls. I thought Uma Thurman's hair looked awesome in Kill Bill as well!