oh wow! i've never even heard of that method before, although it makes a lot of sense! hahaha yeah I am a wavy (a little closer to the Uma Thurman picture, actually) so I think unless I want to commit a lot of time and products, the big lovely Pickford hair is wishful thinking for me ^^ but still, she's like my hair idol--when I saw her I was like "didn't my hair used to be curly when I was a kid? I wonder if...that's it, I'm not straightening ever again!" hahahaha she completely converted me, and truth be told I haven't straightened once in about a year and a half now XD
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That's awesome! Congrats on giving up heat! I gave up the heat about 8 months ago. Even though your hair is more wavy like Uma's, you can probably recreate the look of the Pickford hair with curlformers or flexi rods!