I hate to be the one & only, but Joiwhip does nothing for my hair!!! It dries it out horribly!!!!

Yesterday I tried the Aussie 3 min miracle, & used some Joiwhip & it was the first day since I've been wearing my hair curly that I actually got back in the shower & started all over again. My hair was a horrible mess - my hair dried immediately, the curls had absolutely no definition & it felt awful. I tried adding some Mister right & that turned it all into a pasty mess. So, in the shower I went, used my Devacare One C, which my hair soaked up like there was no tomorrow & went back to my Angell!!!!

I was so disappointed, because I was hoping to find a mousse that worked, but there will be no Joiwhip in my future anytime soon!!!!