I am so happy to be able to share how I care fro my hair with you and hopefully finally learn how to take care of my hair by reading and understanding how others with my hair type take care of there hair. I have been doing the Curly Girl method for two years now. I have been using a T -shirt or long sleeve silk shirt to plop my hair once a week on Sat. night, when I want my curls to hold an look especially nice on Sunday morning. Since I have been doing this method I have bought KCCC thinking some how this would be the magic product for me. And it isn't,I just would like to find out how and what to use and how to use it on my hair so i can have fantastic hold and soft curls. Maybe even get some tips from some ladies with my hair type,and learn some different ways to do my hair.My hair is a bit longer than what you see in the ravatar,it is now half way between my shoulders and my elbow,the curl pattern is a little different because of the length.My curl pattern starts just above my ears,not much curl on the crown. I am always trying to get my hair to form those curls,and with no luck. I would love suggestions.

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