First off I'd like to thank everyone for their advice and responses it is greatly appreciated. I guess I should post an update on my hair. Since this incident I've come to determine it was the conrows I did that were the culprit. I did it on wet hair, and I didn't moisturize well enough so when I was taking them out a few days later I noticed portions of my hair were brittle and cornrows add stress or tension to my hair so everything together caused my hair to break. I've also looked at the hair that ends up on my wide toothed comb. Most of them have white bulbs so I'm probably being paranoid sometimes about breakage. As mentioned before I have low porosity hair so getting my hair to accept moisture is challenging without using a heating cap (I'm considering using an alkaline based product such as mixing water and baking soda). Preventing build up is also another issue. I don't really know the difference between having build up or my hair just being plain moisturized since I'm just starting to deal with my hair on a daily basis. I'm assuming if I run my hands through my hair and there is a shiny residue from product I need to clarify. I'm going to try shampooing with a sulfate free shampoo every 2 weeks and conditioning every week. I do not know (being that I have low porosity hair) how sensitive my hair is to proteins but I'm trying to research, get a new product, see how my hair reacts and move on if its not working until I find whats right for it.

P.S. My hair has been getting thicker as opposed to longer. Should I consider this as progress?