I layer BRHG, but not over anything that you mentioned. I have done it a few ways. One was was to put on my LI, re:coil, and AIF and then supersoake and do a finale scrunch with BRHG. Today I skipped the supersoak and put it on. Both was seem to work well. I have not used in the second pahse of the SMasters technique, though. I think it is too think/sticky to use on partially dry/ fully dry hair. I prefer to use it on wet hair only.

2b/2c Thick, med texture, med porosity

CG 7/25/12

Low Poo: TJ TTT Shampoo
CW: TJ TTT Condish
RO: TN, SN Coconut
Stylers: AG re:coil, AIF, BRHG, KCCC, AVG, Tresemme FCSG, Lavish Curls
Methods: MysteryFlavored, SMasters, Icequeen,
2nd Day: pineappling w/ claw clip, satin cap, spritz & diffuse, clip roots, dry plop
DT: SheaM Organic Raw Shea Butter DT Masque