Why are you guys attacking this girl? -_-
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I think the better question is why would a reasonable minded person come on here and ask us how to turn 4a 4b into 3a 3b (which is very extreme) when the answer is beyond obvious?a) Extreme heat damage or b) chemicals. Beyond it being common sense add the fact that Black people have been pressing, relaxing, konking, whatever since before most of us were born? And then some people come on here wondering why their roots don't grow in looking like their heat damaged ends. I really don't understand the mystery. And why does 4a seem to get hit with this mess time after time? Do these people go to the 3b section and ask how can I get my 4b to look like yours?

BTW That breast milk comment is still hilarious!!!!
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.