I've done the gambit of Rx and OTC products for the past 10 years! My oily skin is still giving me acne even now as my skin has settled into it's 'adult' years (i'm 23).

My skin is loving the Clinque Acne solutions 3 step.
The foaming cleanser is much gentler on my skin than normal tradtion acne facial cleaners.

The toner helps on the exfoliating front, leaving my skin smooth smooth afterwards.

My real love of the system is the acne solutions moisturizer! I was using other moisturizers with the other two steps of the system and my face would get red as soon as I put on some moisturizer (red as in it looked like I took a washcloth and roughly scrubbed my face, or like I had windburn =\)

My skin reached a lovely balanced place after about 3-4weeks. My skin will always be a little oily, or "dewy" looking, but i've seen a huge reduction in the number of pimples I get. One pops up every now and then, but it's super infrequent now.

NOTE: I do the three steps in the morning only and then just basic cetaphil oily skin cleaner in the evening after i remove my make up. During the winter when my skin gets super dry I use an anti-wrinkle night cream to help keep my skin hydrated and happy (since overly dry skin results in even more oil production- kinda like curly hair )

That's what works for me, I know some other people have gone off on a slightly different discussion on this thread, but I thought I'd chime back in on your original question.
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I'm a total product junkie and LOVE trying new products every time!

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