Hi! I am new on the side.
I just discovered what you can do with coily hair through the wonders of the internet and started co-washing and moisturizing my hair.
But for some reason I can't find one that works for me. It's either drying my hair out or making it all frizzy.
So - I am going without a moisturizer right now and co-wash every other day instead ( I know I'm not supposed to wash my hair that often but that's the only thing that keeps it soft and the frizz away). And my hair doesn't like oils either.

Does someone have an idea why it's not working?
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You need to check the conditioner ingredients for silicones which coat the hair cause buildup if not properly removed. When I was new and cowashing every day I liked to use Aussie moist because it has amazing slip but by my second or third cowash my hair was dry and wouldn't absorb no matter how much moisture I put in it. The only remedy was to shampoo for a clean slate. I don't suggest anyone who cowashes as much as you do uses cones every time unless they plan to shampoo more than once a week. How often do you shampoo or clarify?

Do you use a leave in? Do you ever deep condition?

Start using the search thread. That should help you too.
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