If i were you i would try layering recoil, then angel on top of that for hold or vice versa. I love recoil, it really perks up my hair. I layer recoil under all of my gels if I feel like i need a little bit of a pick me up for my curls. I have also had really good luck with layering it on top of my gels. I normally get a crunch, but it scrunches out.
Just curious, but why did you switch to angel?
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thanks for the reply! i'm going to try layering them. I've heard that non lathering shampoo is a lot healthier for your skin, so i got a trial of deva curl's nopoo and one condition and fell in love! I liked the angel included in the kit, specifically because it didnt give me a crunch like the recoil does. (although i think that is because i use too much recoil)