I tried using an oil to seal my hair. What a nightmare! I thought there was no way a little oil could mess my hair up so much. I ended up having to clarify, then I over compensated, and am now overconditioned. So i am currentlyl sitting with a protein treatment in my hair. Grr. I guess I learned a valuable lesson: stop expirementing if everything is working!
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Oil that I am not rinsing out is a nightmare for my hair too, unless it's low on the list of my leave-in or styler. But that's another thread, lol. Glad you figured out it doesn't work for your hair so you don't have to encounter that problem again.

Yeah, it can be tough to stick with products/routine that work when you are reading about so many other products that sound so amazing, or think your hair, looking good, could look even better! But it's much cheaper and you have much less bad hair days if you stick with just a couple things you know work for you.

I have my stuff that works in cool, dry weather, and my stuff that works in hot, humid weather (though nothing gives me fool-proof perfect results when I go out when it's super hot, humid, high dews, and/or rainy, particularly if I am leaving the house while my hair is still pretty wet, before the cast has set).

Routine is much more important for me in spring/summer too, than it is in fall/winter. I don't need to do the whole dripping-wet hair thing in fall or winter-- can just rake, smooth, and go (I air dry) in those seasons. In spring summer, most days, whether I use conditioner only or an additional styler, I really need to do the sopping wet hair thing, which I kind of hate because it takes so long to dry and is drippy and messy But otherwise, my hair is an inconsistent mess of nicely formed curls/clumps and sections of frizz. Not pretty.

But adding oil after I've gotten out of the shower is always bad news!
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