Sometimes when I flatiron my hair, if I don't feel like washing but the straight hair has started to look flat or dull or reverted... I get some oil and water (that exact combo), or conditioner and gel (that exact combo) and scrunch it into the ends. I would liken the look to what my "brazillian keratin treatment" hair that I grew out looked like at first: loose and wavy with coils on the ends.

Now I would never do all the flatironing just to wear my hair like that, it's really my way of going another day without having to wash my hair, and people LOVE seeing my hair "loosely" curled. My point is that the only way you can "loosen" your texture is with chemcals and/or heat. If you use heat, it could be temporary, but the only way you can make it permanent is if you damage your hair. And once you damage it (relaxer, texturizer, BKT, too-hot flatiron) you will see that your hair deteriorates overtime.

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