I apply all products to wet hair while still in the shower. A little dab of KCKT as LI, then the KCCC smoothed over the strands and scrunched to distribute. Then a small bit of BRHG (maybe about a quarter size blob?) smoothed over the strands and scrunch to distribute. I do all this upside down, use the Denman to detangle a bit and form clumps, then blot with a microfiber towel. If I have stringlets, I add more water at the sink and blot/scrunch to reform, then pixie diffuse.

I haven't used BRHG with the Smasters technique, think that might be too sticky.
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I thought the same about SMasters technique but I decided to try it over one weekend when I had no where to go. It actually works awesomely! I don't use BRHG yet cause I wanted to use up all my other prods before I get some. While still in the shower and upside down, I use KCKT as a LI, comb trough it all with a fine tooth comb, then I scrunch in KCCC and then do the same with my jelly gel. Then I scrunch out excess water with my plop cloth, follow with a plop for about 15 min and when I take it out I do SMasters technique. When the ends start feeling crunchy, I use HESMU gel and scrunch that in. It also seems to help with volume. I get consistently awesome results when I do this.

I'd love to try it with BRHG as the second application As soon as some of my products run out.

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