I've lost my hair height ad curl.

Hubby dug up some old photos of me before kids and I forgot how thick and lush my hair used to be before kids. The short hair is pre-kids. The white shirt one is after kiddo #2 and the nonprofessional photo is taken today.
I lost my curls - anyone else?-553526_10151083678315890_366012989_n.jpg

I lost my curls - anyone else?-295370_10151043984530890_91623164_n.jpg

I lost my curls - anyone else?-photo-8-19-12-9.49-am.jpg

And the shedding is so bad.

Funny, when I first went natural I didn't appreciate having the height so much and now I want it back. I'm wondering if I cut it shorter if it would return.

Any words of encouragement or advice would be most appreciated.