Adthomas, I'll take your word for it! I'm not sure I want to attempt making my own anyway even though people say it's easy to do. I think I'll just try to do a more careful job of applying it. Thanks!

Jo, it's only been recently that I've been using frozen henna. I'll make a big batch and save 1/2 of it because I've heard the stain is better that way. I figured it would be redder not darker. I guess that's why my hair is getting so dark from henna lately. Thanks for the info!
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It is easy if you buy a strainer but I didn't want to try it at first either. I will look up the company i bought it from on Etsy and get back to you.
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Thank you! You're sweet to do that. I meant to check Etsy this weekend but haven't been online much. I would like to try some. Will check around now and if you find that yes please let me know, adthomas! Thanks, again!