I've been not straightening for a year and a half, and CG for 4 months. In the last month my curls have finally reached their potential, bouncy 3a ringlets.

Over the past few weeks I've seen some old friends who are used to me not curly, and some new ones that only know me curly. I had always wondered why nobody seemed to comment or notice that I'm now curly, I figured most people just probably like it straight. Saturday one person made a comment about me curling my hair, I told them that it natural and they had no idea!! They couldn't believe I didn't use a curling iron!! THAT'S why they never said anything.

I'm sorry I sounds like I'm bragging but I am just so freaking blown away!!!! I'm use to frizzy dry waves, and CG has brought me to curling iron ringlets! I know it sounds dumb but I could cry, I've dreamed of this hair my entire life, never thinking I had it, but it turns out I DO!!!