As mentioned before I have low porosity hair so getting my hair to accept moisture is challenging without using a heating cap (I'm considering using an alkaline based product such as mixing water and baking soda).
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One of the ladies in 4a with lp hair (Was that you adthomas?) allows her hair to dry or partially dry after rinsing out the DC or instant conditioner to ensure her moisturizer really absorbs. Maybe this would also help.

I'm assuming if I run my hands through my hair and there is a shiny residue from product I need to clarify.
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Not necessarily, some of my best moisturizers (without cones or polyquats) do this and I can still apply more of them or another product and have it penetrate. I think when products no longer perform like they used to, consider clarifying.

P.S. My hair has been getting thicker as opposed to longer. Should I consider this as progress?
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What do you mean? As in you are not retaining length, but you have more strands on your head, more dense? What part in your routine did you notice this? I ask because type 4 hair will appear more dense during the shampoo and condition phase bc hair is free to curl tightly to the scalp, so length is hidden while density appears to have increased.

Good to hear that you are making progress in pinning down a routine!
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Yes. I blot my hair with a microfiber towel before I apply my leave in. I get much better absorption that way.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.