Juanab, I've been following this story with Halle and she's been trying to get that child away from Aubrey since they had their falling out and broke up. So to be honest I think Halle is full of BS on this one. If she didn't have such a precedent of doing what seems to be anything she can to lessen and lessen Nahla's interaction with her father perhaps I'd been more open to Halle's reasons for moving.

If my husband and I divorced there is no way in hell I'd move to another country to be with "my man" because I know my child wouldn't be able to see his father regularly. I think people do that often in relationships..they are over done with the person and they use the kids as pawns because on some level they still mad. I'm not for that bs game with kids lives and the important role a parent (in this case father) has in a child's life.

As far as stalkers..we'd have to know if she cited that as her reasoning ? Media outlets are saying she's citing the paps in court ..not a particular stalker. Furthermore, she's been had a stalker and she didn't jump and move to another country. She was involved with Nahla's father when she had one particular stalker..and Nahla was already born. Yet, she didn't jump and have the whole family move to another country for her child then when she was with the girl's daddy. So I can't buy it..sorry.
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Yes, I have been seeing those things as well. I certainly believe she does want to distance herself from him. But in this circumstance, I believe she does have a point. If I can shield my child from all of that, paps, stalker, et al., I certainly would try. I don't see it any differently then if a father leaves the state to take another job or to be with his new woman.

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Yeah but I'm not making this a father or mother issue. Both parents deserve to be in their child's life and it's not been proven in court that Aubry is a danger to his child. Given, Halle and her peeps have tried.

I'm all for protecting your child but come on..she's been had paps around her and the child and she had the child when she had the stalker from before..and she didn't run to Paris. None of this running to Paris mess came up until Olivier Martinez became her world..just like Halle does with every other man. Makes them her world only to end up jaded and pissed off in the end. She has a child now that has a father that wants to be in her (the daughter's) life and help raise her. Just because Halle is the mother and claims to be having some issue doesn't mean she gets to take the child to a whole other country. So I guess we have to agree to disagree on Halle Berry's motives in this instance.
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There is no disagreement. Just was playing devil's advocate. I think in this instance, she should not prevail.

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