I don't understand why people purchase from product lines with long order processing if they know beforehand....they don't like long order processing. She has her shipment time schedule publicized so as long as she's shipping them within her policys time frame ....... I order items from China and it can take up to two months for me to get my package. If I don't want to wait two months I don't buy or find someone with a shorter time....or pay for expedited processing. I never understood the thing with processing times as long as the biz let's you know up front how long it will take. Now if she's shipping things past her policys time frame that would be a prob. Hopefully this is an issue on the postal services behalf where they may not have updated tracking? Otherwise I hope you get your package soon and the products were worth the wait. Maybe you should ask about this though...6 days past the shipment time is a long time for delivery....:/