Hmm.. I have never had any issue returning makeup to Walmart, Rite Aid, or Walgreens. They take it back and give a full refund as long as there is a receipt...even if it's opened. I think color matching for a difficult match really has to be done by the individual themselves because ultimately they know what looks best on their own complexion. I'm a difficult match myself and I've never seen one sales clerk that can accurately match me. I think many of them learn the cookie cutter recommends to various complexions. I have a red undertone but my skin is a bronze tan..and it baffles the hell out of store clerks. I also get not wanting to pay so much for a foundation (or any makeup). However, foundation is the one thing I'll pay a bit more for makeup wise. I use Bare Minerals Matte. It's $28. I get it from the website or QVC. They have excellent color ranges and cater to various undertones as well. I just think if your foundation is right and perfects the overall look to your face you can get away with a lot of dirt cheap makeup for everything else. For difficult matches sometimes you really do have to spend a bit more for foundation because a lot of drug store color ranges are limited.