Did anyone watch Family Matters aka Urkle? What ever happened to their other kid? It was like she went missing one day and no one in family noticed. I never heard them even talk about her. Did she die or go to boarding school and I missed that episode? That always bothered me. How can your kid disappear one day and you act like nothing happened? If it was grandma it would have been okay because I would have thought well she got old and kicked over.
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She just left the show suddenly. You didn't miss anything. Last I saw of her was on Dr Drews Celebrity Rehab.

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Wasn't her name judy? There was no room in the story line for her especially when little Richie came on the seen. Reminds me of the daughter on my wife & kids. She went upstairs one day & a different Clare came down the next.

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Supposedly her mother pulled her from the show over concern about a pregnancy story line involving one of her friends. Jazz Raycole Biography, Bio, Profile, pictures, photos from

I remember these rumors going around that she actually got cut from the show and replaced with Jennifer Freeman because she looked too "off" to play the daughter of Tisha Campbell being that she is dark skinned. Jazz Raycole -

"She was pulled from the "My Wife and Kids" series by her mother who was concerned about a storyline in the second season premiere in which Claire and her friend Charmaine (Raven Symone) found out Charmaine was pregnant. The show kept the storyline and she was replaced by Jennifer Freeman. This explanation contradicted other reports that she was dropped from the show because Jazz was too dark-skinned."