I'm so behind on this thread. Work has been crazy. Someone give me the cliff notes version of what I missed
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It's in random order..the ghetto version:

  • All Ryan Lochte know is pool, p***y, and pee. Lot of the women here would let swim all up in they pond though.
  • Vanessa (face look like she always sucking on lemons) Bryant (Kobe's witch..I mean wife) is willing to accept husband that attends ho-aises regularly but if he don't win no championships..she ain't feeling him like that. She got to roll.
  • I think CocoT or CoilyNapp (or both..look one of these "c" people around here) want a baller to rescue them from a life relegated to foodstamps and gov-ment cheese.
  • We are proud of Gabby Douglas representing well at the Olympics. The Obamas and Gabby think folks mad though.. LOL!
  • Ri-Ri all up on Oprah 3 years later still crying over this bs with C-breezy (beaver face) cause she wanted to "protect him".
  • Black folk mad cause Gabby Douglas lettin naps show on tv. She didn't understand..but she got some high flootin $1000 chargin' a cut stylist and got her hair did..we all think she got gipped cause it looks like some stuff her momma coulda did.
  • Marah doing her usual bs rants about folks need to keep their MUTHA (fill in the rest) hainds to they damn selves and a lot of heffas these dayz be frontin like they victims...you know Marah's usual bullskhit. You can guess most of that ish ya self.
  • Ocho Cinco may or may not have busted Evil Evelyn Loco Lozada's head down to the white meat. Miami Dolphins gave him the dueces publically on a tv reality show called Hard Knocks. VH1 cancelled the Ev and Ocho show. Ev probably will still be on B-ball wives though. Evil Ev filed dem papers.
  • Marah reporting celebrity skhit like she the damn Inquirer, Star, US Weekly, and People magazine all rolled in one..straight getting her old Perez Hilton on. Playing run tell dat.
  • Oh.. Annabaliese (sp ?) is still hung up on some dude she used to mess wit fo fo (4) years. She gone be aight though.
  • NEA ain't been round in a min-it.
  • Adthomas effin with people at work getting on they damn nerves playing 20 questions
  • Sienna (ss40) thinks Nicki Minnie-Jay's music is some ol' bullshkit..and she looks like a damn dusty drag queen that thinks she's a blow up Barbie Doll and she's sick of the bull from this new heffa. Plus Lil Kim is prolly jealous cause she old now.
  • Keeny can't be foolin' wit us like dat no more cause she work for a livin'. She aint got time for the tom foolery.
  • Annabanliese (sp?) got her a new J-O-B cause ain't nuthin' going on but the rent.
  • Oh.. the Jews ain't checkin' for Drake (though he wanna be down). Matisyahu basically told him to sit his kitten cuddlin' $2 dolla azz down somewhere cause the only Jew running this ish is HIM.
  • Herbal Essences in dem got a new poo and co..it got honey in it!
  • Some crazy teacher done caught a case cause she boinked like 5 students (all legal age) it was caught on one of them phones. Now she might be up for 20 years in the big house not for rape but boinking students. Her husband got her back for now though..he holding a hoe down. He might be one of them dudes that gets off on his wife getting filled out like an application by others. Several of us don't think she deserve 20 but damn sure think she deserve LIFE without parole if there was a moral prison for wayward heffas.
  • Something about Melatonin..folks can't sleep and stuff. I don't know ask RCC and Subbrock.
  • The RNC is coming up with these Conservs and Repubs playing games and we know they will have some "tokens" there.
  • Jo Somebody posted a jpeg of Rick Ross looking like Precious and Chi-Town Kinks dismissed that ish with the quicks (the photo is funny as hell though). I mean I was SNIG-LIN'!
  • Oh.. Marah was calling folks "females"..and had to get checked by her husband. Cause the ish is sexist and misogynistic. But ol' Marah found a scape clause. The ladies here feeling the Mister. He's an honorary IBM now. Yes..irritable bowel movement. LOL.. SIKE!
  • CoilyNappy and Marah lustin' after Alcide's deliciousness from True Blood. Marah got the okay from the hubs to lust on cause what they have is on the real. He holding a mixeded sista down.
  • Some folks want to see The Posession (the Jewish version of The Exorcist). Matisyahu in it.
  • Certain people on here don't fully understand the scope of "Twilight" and the extent Twilight stans will go to.
  • Shawny posted some light skinneded playa and a few of the ladies likey.
  • Kris Humphries trying to sue Kim K and the whole Kardashian empire for every damn DIME he can snatch up..cause the heffa was fraudulent. Plus he tried to sneak Kanye wit dem papers by putting it in a Nordstom's box. Kim's lawyer said he full of ish and just trying to get broke off while her client just wants out..and HE GONNA PAY.
  • Turtles spending all her loot on makeup (as usual) and lying bout she about to go on a freeze.. Coilynappy believe she telling a damn lie.
  • Sienna needs prayers cause she wants a J-O-B so she can get broke off like Keeny.
  • Sienna's son showing his azz in school and she had to snatch a fresh knot in his little behind. But his teacher is trippin too so she about to check that heffa soon. Sienna ain't to be played wit.
  • Sienna started a Ryan Lochte "stanning" club.
  • CocoT might be a flight risk heading to Canada to get her education on.
  • Halle bat-cray cray Berry used to date Danny Wood from NKOTB (yes...you read it right..the least cutest one)
  • Annabalise's (sp?) had a birthday. No telling how old she is..
  • Chi-Town Kinks on the prowl for a new hair products to perfect her wash n go. Can you hook a sista up with some rec's ?
  • Al Freedman Jr (dude that played Elijah Muhammaed in Spike Lee's Malcom X) went on home to glory.
  • Someone posted a pic of Drake morphed into that little girl from Monster's Inc. LOL!
  • Certain black folks can't take it if any hair hooked to a black woman's/girls head ain't silky smooth.
  • NCC all on here asking for some dayum cliff notes bout ish she shoulda been following on her damn whichamacallit..um zphone, ipod, um um.. dayum epad..whatever. So Marah's dumb azz typing diz ish out cause she love reporting on shkit like she got the 411 on everydayum thang.. when really her azz is just NOSEY AS HELL!
And no.. I ain't proof reading a moooooooo fo thang.
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Lord I ain't laughed so hard in a LONG time. I sooo needed to read this right now. After I placed the call for the cliff notes version...all hell broke loose IRL and I was STILL unable to read it. Let me go catch up over here so I can join in the covo.
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