So I decided to transition July 6th of this year after already have been post relaxed for 2-3 months. Now, of course I was a YouTube fanatic looking at all the transitioners and naturals, I had seen some vloggers transition for 2 years before BC and some just taking it off once they made that initial decision! For me, I had set a goal to transition for 6 months and then I would cut the relax ends, hair was breaking and shedding like CRAZY! I started using better products for my hair, I started putting it into protective styles, but it kept breaking and breaking at the demarcation (hopefully I got that correct) line! I even tried the transitioning kits and that was a big epic unfortunately for me I did not want to go around looking crazy and 8/20/12 I decided to BC! I took my scissors and went to work! I'm not going to say I felt relieved or exhilarated, but I was super happy in starting over and loving this curl/coils like never before. I am writing this thread to shed light to ppl who might have went through the same thing as me or are going through the same thing as myself, it is okay that maybe 2-3 months into your transition that your hair is acting funny, but the most important thing to do is pay close attention to how your hair is reacting during your transition stage. I see soooooooo many women who tell me they were transitioning for 9-12months and they had to cut more hair off then anticipated! So if you are having trouble with shedding and sever breakage, my advice would be to consult a stylist who specializes in natural hair to get an update on how your hair is performing! Be blessed and if you have any questions, let me know!