The bernie mac show. The girl was darker.

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I was just thinking this (about Camille Winbush - forget her character's name). And she stayed on for the life of the show.
Also, "Bud" from the Cosby Show. I can't remember the character's name; that's what Rudy called him when she introduced him.
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I think her name was Vanessa. I think I recall Bernie calling her "Nessa". She was the brooding girl with an attitude. But it was loosely based on Bernie's life so I guess that was how his neice was...

Yeah I've seen dark skinned boys on shows. I noticed a lot of them play little comedians, naughty kids, or really bad kids.

I think they don't pick darker skinned girls as much because they aren't considered "as cute" as little light skinned girls. How many times have we heard black folks and white folks say how "cute" little mixed looking girls are .. and yeah a lot of them are adorable. But so are a lot of little darker skinned girls. To me, Rudy was ADORABLE!

It's seems the same thing they do with adult actors of color. A darker skinned woman is not okay to play a major love interest in a movie (she can be a funny friend or whatever) with a white guy but they will allow it with a lighter skinned woman. And the black guys (unless they Denzel) that are darker either play the funny acting friend or he's alway doing something borderline criminal or downright criminal.

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