Is your hair low porosity or high?
You can figure it out by putting a piece of hair found in your comb in a glass of water - wait 2-4 minutes - and if it sinks your hair is high porosity and if it floats it is low porosity. If your hair is low porosity you need to cut back on protein and oil - low porosity hair needs less protein because the hair has a closed cuticle making it less prone to damage. If you apply oil on top of that, it closes your cuticle even more making it very hard for any kind of moisture to absorb into the hair shaft causing it to be dry. Low porosity is the most difficult for moisture to enter into, meaning you need less of things that seal your hair shaft and more things that open it up allowing entrance for moisture. Oil is more for high porosity hair that is difficult to retain moisture so it needs an oil to seal in the moisture.

I have low porosity hair and, before I knew this, I thought I was doing all of the right things and my hair was always dry and broke off easily. Once I realized that I need less sealing properties on my hair but more moisture I changed up my routine and now I haven't seen breakage in a long time. Amazing thing is my hair stopped breaking almost immediately after I changed up my routine. I also get a lot less shed hair. They say it's normal for hair to shed 50 - 100 pieces a day but I barely get to 50. I love, love, love, Oyin products - Honey Hemp Conditioner, Hair Dew, and Whipped Pudding. But if anything I recommend it's the Honey Hemp Conditioner.

When you apply it to your hair you need to put a plastic bag over your hair - let the heat open up your low porosity hair and allow your conditioner to be absorbed. Rinse it out with cold water. It does wonder if you use the conditioner in this way. Just applying it in the shower and rinsing it out right away doesn't really do anything for me.