Haha. I can't imagine a family telling their kid "Sorry we don't need you around any more." then forget all about them.
I did read they ditched the first Claire for being to dark. Also that girl from singing group 3LW said she was kicked out for being too dark. To be honest I have noticed when Hollywood casts little black girls (young children and teens) they tend to be light skin with looser hair. Tia and Tamara types. Not always but usually. The black boys I see light and dark skin.
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I have noticed this as well. I can't even recall the last dark skinned little girl I've seen on a long time sitcom. There must be some right ?
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Mostly teens but
Dee from what's happening
Regina king in 227
Lisa (lark v) from Saved by the bell

I'm cashing out
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Yeah. I really mean just little girls which you don't see to much of. Like before the age you can slap a relaxer on their hair and not get a side eye.

Rudy is one.
Dee is way back in the day so I will put Kim Fields in there too if people consider her dark.
There is that girl from I Will Fly away.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.