I have noticed this as well. I can't even recall the last dark skinned little girl I've seen on a long time sitcom. There must be some right ?
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Mostly teens but
Dee from what's happening
Regina king in 227
Lisa (lark v) from Saved by the bell

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Yeah. I really mean just little girls which you don't see to much of. Like before the age you can slap a relaxer on their hair and not get a side eye.

Rudy is one.
Dee is way back in the day so I will put Kim Fields in there too if people consider her dark.
There is that girl from I Will Fly away.
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I went with 15 & under. Moesha was rocking braids, lisa had nc hair & then theres Tudy. I wouldn't consider her dark. But she was back in the press n curl days lol.

Tatiana Ali? Everybody hates Chris's sister. I like a challenge. There may actually be more dark skinned children in all on sitcoms.

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