Ok, so I bought the pack of 4 kerapremium at home keratin treatment from QOD. IT IS FREKIN AMAZING. I believe it is natural. I used almost two weeks ago and have done my second wash and still AMAZING. It rained, it was hot and sweaty, I ran three laps and went to the GYM and YES!!!!!!, still great and in place.

Now, it cost $160.00 (no shipping fee). I used like 1/4 of the treatment so I have three more so it is worth the money. my hair is shiny and flowing. I have thick curly 4A curls (foreign black woman). I love it.

I took me about 5 hours to do the entire treatment properly. Lots of applying and washing and blowing drying and flat ironing. BUT IT IS WORTH IT!!.

I do have to admit something though. I add a product after all was completed and was getting ready to do my style...drum rollllllllll.... Ever straight Brazilian keratin therapy flat iron spray from ORGANIX... (in the weird tall skinny bottle) (not the short fat bottle, i hear that one doesn't work too well). I got it from CVS Pharmacy....ANNNNYYYYWHOOOO, so I sprayed that on my dried blow dried hair and flat iron it into the syle I wanted. light and grate. my hair was soft, shiny and flowing.

I usually get frizz as soon as I step out the door but not with this combination. On my first wash, maybe four days later. (I didnt need to wash so soon) but I wanted to try out another product I bought to keep the keratin treatment in longer. One n only Argan Oil derived from Moroccan Argan Trees Moisture Repair Shampoo and conditioner. I got from Sally Beauty store. (sulfate, phosphatem paraben free. IT WORKED GREAT. Still shiny, actually more shiny, and flowing and most of all NO FRIZZZZZ!!!

I had a bad experience with labrasiliana keratin treatment, my hair was breaking and falling out
my hair really feels healthy, and frizz free seriously.

I also tried the chocolate organic, that worked for like a week and back to frizzz $250 treatment, boy was I mad. It didnt break my hair off though.

If you want something more natural and safe, try Kerapremium, but you have to have patience to do it yourself, it takes over 4 hours to do properly.

I hope my review will help, i couldnt find a review on this product (KERAPREMIUM!!!!) but I took a risk.
Oh and if you see the You tube video you dont need that step three No heat iron thing, it is not required. I did it without and it worked wonders!!!!!!!

Kerapremium all the way...woohooooo, goofy I know..shhh

Ha, I just noticed I signed up for the site as Kerapremium, I am obsessed. SMH..lol

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