I have had crazy dreams two nights in a row.

Monday night:

I was a little girl again and I was kidnapped. I was always locked in one room and years passed. after i grow up, one of the kidnappers brings in some dude to look after me because they have to leave for some business. The guy tells me they plan to sell me to the highest bidder. He wants to save me. A bunch of stuff happens and I end up falling in love with him. The kidnappers comes in to catch us in bed together and drag him away. the one kidnapper tries to drag me off so they can sell me but i find a knife and stab him in the throat. blood spews everywhere. i get out of the room and run down stairs to find the other kidnapper and the person who was going to buy me dead. the guy im in love with is also covered in blood. he killed them. We run out and he plans find my family.Running for our lives from corrupt cops and the kidnappers hitchmen, we see a news report that said my family had been trying to get help in finding me, but the kidnappers owned the law so they couldnt get help. my family finally got enough money to buy me, but my dad was killed when he came to buy me. I just started to cry and pushed the guy away. I ran outside to a cliff and he followed. I told him this couldnt be real and it had to be a dream. but dad cant be dead. and if i jumped off the cliff i would wake up. He started crying saying that it had to be real because he loved me so much. I told him I loved him too, and i will see him when i woke up. and i jumped. as soon as I left the cliff i woke up. i felt so said and heart broken. glad my dad is still alive and it was a dream, but i really felt like i left him behind, i hate those dreams where feeling get involved.

Tuesday night:

I needed some cash and ended up taken a job working on the Jersy Shore. i have never seen this show irl, but have seen and know of some of the characters. I hated it and the people was so annoying. Once the director gave me the camera to fit into a crawl space because everyone else was too big. They were getting sloopy drunk, having sex, and getting sick all over the place. After a while I couldnt take it anymore and went to quit. before I could, the show got cancelled and they gave me all this money to keep eveything i saw secret. i walked a way happy but scarred. The dream freaked me out, because I hope I wont have to resort to something like that to pay my bills.