Castor oil IS pretty thick so I'd cut back on oil and work more on trying to open up your hairs cuticles instead of trying to close them. It's simple to do this - apply a moisture rich conditioner, perhaps one that contains a humectant (a substance that promotes retention of moisture i.e.; honey, glycerin, etc.), on dry hair, wrap your hair in a shower cap/ plastic bag and allow the heat from your head to open up your cuticles in your hair and absorb the moisture. Remember to apply it to dry hair because when your hair is wet it's full of water letting less of whatever is in your conditioner in. After maybe 15-30 min your hair should be wet when you take the bag off. Then rinse out the rest of the conditioner out with cool water (NOT hot). Then maybe you can apply your styling products like gel/ or I'd personally recommend Shea butter instead of Castor oil.

Everyone's hair is different so you could try this out and see if it works for you. I should note that do humectants are good in humid climates that draw moisture from the air to your hair but it's not good in dry climates because humectants will draw moisture from your hair instead. Don't completely stop using oils or anything but maybe try a new routine instead and see if it works for you first. Oils are great for hair in the wintertime regardless of your hair's porosity (if it gets cold where you live).

Good luck!

Thing I would stay away from completely: Silicones.

Everything else should be used in different ways. Protein if your hair is weak and gummy, moisture if your hair is dry and brittle, oils if your hair isn't retaining moisture, humectants if you're in a humid climate. It's all just learning when to use what. But with lo-po (low-porosity) hair you need to work on opening up your cuticle more so than high porosity hair.

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