I just received my treatment today at a pricey salon. I was pretty nervous and I am still nervous. I read a few reviews on how bad the bkt treatment was , hair falling out etc. but none on the copolla other than I didn't work for long.
My hair is bleached fried and dyed a blonde ash color with a Demi permanent and they say it's better to color before u get the treatment because it brings the color out and boy is that true. The hair at my roots was darker than the ends but after the treatment it looks beautiful. My hair is straight and one solid color.
The beautician washed me, blew it dry, then applied the keratin, I needed 4 1/2 oz, thAt sat for a few minutes then he blew it out with a round brush and proceeded to flat iron it. I bought the expensive shampoo and conditioners for colored hair and I'm waiting for this 72 hours to go by quickly bc ur not supposed to do anything to it, I don't know how I am going to sleep. I have 3c/4a hair. It is a ill staticky and I got a drop of water on it so I quickly flatironed it.
Oh , there were fumes, not as bad as I expected. I did catch a headache and took some alive and then I was fine, but no fumes or smoke while flat ironing. Only during the application and wAiting for it to sit and combed it thru. Well I'm still praying my hair stays in my head. I hope this helps too.