I've recently started having a problem with getting flecks of mascara on my browbone thru the course of the day - not while still wet when I first apply it. It never used to happen, and I'm not doing anything different, so I think it's that my upper lids are beginning to droop.

I use waterproof mascara, trying all sorts of brands in every price range. The best for me is Maybelline Lash Discovery, but even it does it some - I have to remember to check and rub off an area right in the middle a couple of times a day. I still have oily skin, so that probably contributes. Using a mattifier or shadow base makes no difference.

The only thing that I know of that might prevent it is if I didn't curl my eyelashes, but that isn't an option for me. If I don't curl them, they go every which way so that they look worse with mascara than without - plus it opens up my eyes so much that I look younger and more awake when they're curled.

If they still made Revlon Colorstay Lash Tint or Covergirl Marathon mascara, I'd probably be OK since you practically had to blast both of those off. I've already tried everything that I've found that sounded like it might be comparable.

Anyone have any tips or suggestions?
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