Hi All,

I'm very new here and have been reading like crazy all day. so many beautiful curls and waves!!

I've been CG for about 7 years and my hair has changed so much in those years. when I started I would say I was 3b.

But now a days it seems sometimes my hair is 2b or 2c (first pic from christmas 2 years ago)

Then there is today... I don't know what happened but it was a disaster (3rd pic, took at work today) it was flat and stringy and frizzy and yuk... it was so bad, and after looking at beautiful curls all day on this forum I decided to do my hair again to see if I could make it look better. The third pic is the result. Not bad and seems like it's almost 3a but this is seconds after i'm done diffusing, in 30 minutes the bottom layer will be flat (last pic is of my weak wavy under layer right after diffusing.

I guess that means I'm a combo but I thought I would try to get some opinions here.

Also now that my hair is looking, I'm about to go to bed and I've never had luck with second day hair. I usually tie it back in a tight bun till the next time I condition (I don't use shampoo, only no poo once or twice a week).

Does anyone have any tips for how I can sleep with this hair and revive it in the morning enough that I can pull off wearing it down?

Thanks everyone, I'm very excited about finally joining this community of curly and wavy heads!!
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