After surfing around on this site (and others) on several occasions, I decided to join the community AND to try the CG method (I started today!) and to plop my hair (I watched the video and am sitting with a long-sleeved T-shirt on my head as I write this.

I have type 2B-3A hair, very fine, long, but with deep wave extensions as well (weave method). My own hair is shoulder length, but with the extensions my hair goes down to my waist. I colour/bleach my hair two to three shades blonder than it's natural colour (that is a dark strawberry blonde/lighter brown).

I have three daughters that all have naturally curly hair with the following hair types:

5 year-old: 3B, normal thickness
3 year-old: 2C-3A, fine hair
3 year-old: 2C-3A, fine hair

With time, I might try the CG method for my daughters as well.

I would love tips from others with the same type of hair! My hair is fine, and it's flat unless I use styling products. I also have to fight to get the curls more defined and, particularly, for the curls to last!