Your hair looks like mine except more consistent and less frizzy. LOVE it! I'd say 3a I think--does it get curlier or straighter when shorter?
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I would say that when its longer it has less volume but more curls (and more friz) ... my hair will only curl a certain amount within a certain distance. So longer locks means my hair has more room to curl around and around and around. but the longer it is the the more the hair around my roots looks flat. I get a lot of compliments on my hair when it's longer but my issue is that the straight strands (right behind my ear and at the nape) grow longer faster than the curly strands (for obvious reasons) and they end up looking stringy and gross.

I also can't seem to pull off a pony tail when my hair is long. it just looks limp and sad. But when it's shorter like it is now its this curly poofy fun thing on the back of my head.

Your hair looks just like mine. I would also say 3a. Product combos and techniques can have a huge impact on how wavy or curly my hair looks from day to day (according to Andre Walker's book it's very easy to make 3a hair look like 2c hair, but not the other way around). As I've been narrowing down the right products, I've been able to get more consistency from day to day.

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I think you are right Corrina, last night I used Deva no friz volumizing foam with just a couple spritz of the spray gel. I'm starting to learn my hair like light products and I have to be VERY careful not to use too much.

Thanks everyone!
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I generally spend a lot more time on the 2s forum (I had the same 2c v 3a confusion for my first 6 months- and after that I've just found it to be a much more active forum). This was where my product choices differ the most from many wavies. Many of the wavies that I talk to are looking for ultra mega super stiff hold and lots of "grabbiness" in their products. I find that my hair does better when I use thinner and less grabby products. I do still like a good amount of hold (more hold does seem to reduce the frizz), but hold is secondary to consistency for me. My three favorite gels for this are Biotera (at Sally's), AG Curl Liquid Effects Gel, and Curly Sexy Hair Liquid Curling Gel. All have good hold to prevent my hair from turning into a frizzy poofball as it dries, but a thin enough consistency that they allow my curls to start to spring up as my hair dries (and to continue to spring up further after I SOTC).

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