If you dont like it, put it on the swap board! I have some stuff cluttering up my cabinets I desperately need to post on there & get rid of. I refuse to use something I dont like just to get rid of it.

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Originally Posted by lcl0706
I didn't even notice there was a swap board!!! How cool!! I will probably put that Deva mirror curls... I think that is meant for someone with coarser hair than mine.

I actually have the Ultra Defining Gel on my wish list. I found Deva products to have a learning curve- a lot of people do move on to other products, but I like to try Deva products because I can get them on the ground (I'm willing to get my CHS stuff from online, but so far I haven't liked anything else enough to deal with online ordering).

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Originally Posted by Corrina777
I think I'm going to try the ultra defining gel one more time... and use less of it. My biggest problem I think is I use too much and my hair gets sticky and stringy. but I agree with Deva products having a learning curve.