Hmm, what products and techniques are you using? Have you tried following PTs with a DT to keep hair from feeling overly dry? My hair loves protein, but it also loves lots of moisture, too.

I realize I'm in the minority, but with one exception (Curl Queen), I really haven't been impressed enough with CJ stylers to justify the price or having to order online. I completely understand the whole 3a potential thing. It took me months to get hair that I *think* pretty consistently looks 3a (and I'm not entirely positive yet if that will be the case once the dews drop again).

My initial thought when I read your post was that it sounds like an ingredient your hair doesn't like, but I can't think of any overly problematic ingredients in CJ stuff (besides protein).

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Originally Posted by Corrina777
My technique is the same as when I had great curls. Comb sipping hair with a wide tooth comb and rake in the curl cream and lightly scrunch and lightly diffuse. I'd hate the scrap the cj as its expensive but Im wondering if it's just being over moisturizer from the conditioning cleaner and conditioner and being weighed down.

Going to try something a little less intense and see f that makes a difference! Sick of my poop hair!

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