I'm of Bengali descent but I was born in the US, in an area with very few Indian people. I never experienced the whole "Indian curly" stigma. I'm a 3a-3b, my mom is like a 2b-2c, and my dad is bald, but says his hair used to be super curly. My mom has always been pretty knowledgeable about curly hair, even keeping my hair silicone/sulfate free once it started curling up. I like to think I take pretty good care of my hair too, because I get compliments on it from people I don't know quite often.

When I visited India recently, my relatives completely freaked out about my hair. When I braided it damp, which I do pretty often when I don't want to worry about sleeping on it, one of my great-aunts told me that looking at my damp braided hair made her nauseous. My cousins complimented my hair but kept telling me it would look better if i let it dry before I brushed it, etc. At one point, my (straight haired) aunt hid my hairbrush while I took a shower and refused to give it back to me until my hair dried. She then insisted on combing it herself. When I showed her that my hair was breaking and frizzing up, she told me that I didn't know what I was talking about. When she was done combing, she told me my hair looked much better than usual, worked coconut oil through it, and braided it back before letting me near a mirror.
I ended up locking myself in a room after showering so nobody could touch me until my hair was taken care of.

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