My most horrible dream is from my childhood. I was very young, maybe 7 or 8. I dreamed that I killed a man with a shovel. I hit him in the head with it over and over and over. It was a silent dream with no sound, but I remember thinking he must have been screaming. I woke up and felt so scared, so bad, thinking I was a horrible person. I also knew I could do it. I felt powerful and in control. That was even scarier to my child self.

I knew the man IRL. He was awful to me and my family.

My most realistic dream was as an adult. I had just had back surgery and had to sleep downstairs because me and my walker had not learned to maneuver steps yet. I dreamed my 4 year old son rolled out of his bed and broke his collarbone and was screaming in pain. I woke up frantic and helpless. I screamed and woke hubby. He went to check on K, but I wouldn't believe him when he came back and told me he was fine, that he was sound asleep and peaceful. I made him get me up the stairs so I could see for myself. Later, I realized he must have thought I was truly insane but he never mentioned it. My son was, of course, fine. I hate scary dreams about my kiddos!!!