So I decided to e-mail through Qhemet's website.

Here is what my message said:

I've messaged you on June 23 about my experience with the newly bottled CTDG through LHCF and I received no response. Just today I came across a thread on Naturally Curly where someone seems to be having the same experience as myself with the CTDG not working they way it previously did.

Has there been a change in the product?

In June I literally did a side-by-side with CTDG from one batch (purchased in March) and CTDG from another batch (purchased in June). Each product was on either side of my hair and they both performed differently. That was my confirmation.

Here is the response:
Hi West!

Sorry for the oversight and thanks for resending the question. I'm glad you got the results you were looking for from the bottle you purchased in June. We haven't changed the formula but slight differences may occur from batch to batch.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Kind Regards,


There you have it folks! Do with that information what you wish.