Has anyone noticed a change in the CTDG?
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I'm talking about changes apart from the packaging. For a while I've just felt it is a little different. It may just be me. I thought it was thicker in the jar and now it seems diluted. It hasn't been working the same for me since it's been put in the bottle. And I can easily go through over a quarter of the bottle in one use. I could get way more uses out of it when it was in the jar.
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I actually mentioned it in passing on the Qhemet sponsored thread on LHCF (vendor section) and Qhemet/Napata basically told me I need to stick to using her line, even though CTDG had been working for me just fine they way I had been using it the entire year before she made changes to "the bottles".

I followed her directions because I LOVED CTDG and the way it worked for my hair and I just wanted everything to go back to being the same. I purchased more of her products to use in conjunction with the CTDG and that did not help. AT ALL! I ended up selling them on the exchange forum.

I purchased another bottle of the CTDG and used that bottle on one side of my hair and used that bottle that wasn't performing very well on the other side of my hair and there was a NOTICEABLE difference.

I messaged Napata/Qhemet on on LHCF explaining my experience and she never responded. Granted I could have e-mailed her via her website, but I know she is an active member on LHCF. Also, in the last year (previous to this) she has initiated messaging me on LHCF about a photo I posted using her products and wanting to know how I achieved the style so I know she checks the private messages.

@CocoT I definitely agree with your observations. Apparently there is seems to be some inconsistency in the product now.

I'm extremely disapointed on the way this matter was handled. EXTREMELY. Ignoring someone is never good.
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In all fairness she could have very well not seen it. Or even forgotten. Having inquiries come in from customers from various different outlets, I'm suure had you emailed via the website you would have gotten a response. When I had a biz customers could contact me via etsy....youtube...or my website. I checked them frequently but an email through a website is immediate esp if it goes through a contact form. I don't think she intentionally ignored you.

EDIT: ok I saw where you emailed through the website. Does this product contain cetyl alcohol? If she reduced the amount of cetyl alcohol so that it may pump through a bottle this could/would effect thickness and conditioning/moisture performance. Cetyl alcohol makes a huge diff in moisture from my experience and even 1% less can be noticeable.

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